Who is this DOB64 character and what is he rambling on about?

Well, not an easy answer. I am human (despite what else you might have heard), biker, nerd, family man, pervert, and quite annoying.

Why this page?

Share pictures, videos, and stories about motorcycling and related stuff.
Also to let out steam about cagers (lost souls that drives cars), politics, privacy, and shit.

What are you riding?

My bike is a Ducati Monster S2R 800 from 2007. It’s fitted with a few custom pieces:

  • Full Arrow exhaust
  • KN filter (in the standard airfilter box)
  • Carbon rear fender
  • Carbon short tail kit
  • Rizoma Triple Tree Kit and grips
  • Pazzo Racing levers
  • Rizoma mirrors
  • Rizoma indicator lights
  • LSL Foot Pegs Sport

What are wearing when riding?

Riding gear is as important as your ride itself. It keeps you safe, warm and (maybe) dry:

  • Nolan N104 Evo Helmet
  • N-Com B5 Intercom with Bluetooth built into helmet
  • Richa Traffic GTX Gloves
  • Richa Heritage Leather Jacket
  • Furygan Oil Jeans
  • Ventour Blaze trousers (for cold and wet weather)
  • Daytona Boots
  • Revit Nitric 2 H2O rain jacket
  • Drift HD Ghost Camera

Are you a member of a motorcycle gang?

Indeed I am, this is the one: