Bikers prayer

I’m not really into religion, and I do not pray to invisible friends. On the other hand I do wish to be spared, and spare my loved ones, of loss and hurt.

So I do hope all the below things turn out true for me and all who rides.


May your bike always start and run well without any episode
May your brothers and sisters never leave you at the side of the road
May your chosen line on all the corners you take, always run true
May the sun shine on your road ahead and the wind be behind you
May you never ride faster than you guardian angel can fly
May your foolish actions never cause your loves ones to cry
May your rubber always find its place on every road you ride
May you always keep it upright and never be on its side
May the cars that come headlong always see you clearly
And May you always come home to the ones that love you dearly

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