Cam Setup

I finally got a cam – I bought a Drift HD Ghost – not the S model as it cost twice as much.

Sound is going to be an issue as the internal microphone in the cam is useless because of wind noise. I already have my helmet fitted with an n-com B5 Bluetooth communication device, and I’m not to keen on having two microphones and a wire sticking out.

<!–more–>Best thing would be if Drift could make use of Bluetooth for connecting  the n-com microphone.

So after some initial tests I found a way to record audio using my helmet’s integrated n-com B5. I use an App on my Android phone called “Bluetooth Voice Recorder”

I have done a recording using the above setup and edited it in kdenlive. The worst was to align the video and the audio, the rest was just a matter of cutting out all the swearing and yelling of them damned cagers.

Pictures of my setup:

Test video:

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