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Winter mo(o)ds 2017/18

This winter has been long and filled with new challenges – so the Monster hasn’t received so much love as it deserves. I got a new job (after 24 years in my old job), and we have been trying to sell our house. Those two things took must of my energy and time, but I did manage to do one… Read more →

My riding gear

Each of us have our own definition on what is the appropriate gear for riding. Your climate zone also has a lot to say on practical gear – heat, rain, cold weather, wind all play a part in what’s needed for a good ride. The fact that both being too cold or hot can be outright dangerous also plays a… Read more →

Winter mo(o)ds 2016/17

What’s not to dislike about winter? The whole winter concept is flawed – I want to ride, not hiding inside waiting for warmer weather… The only thing making it bearable is the fact my bike is winter parked in my living room. That inspires me to look for mods for my bike for the next season.   Bar end mirrors:… Read more →

Cam Setup

I finally got a cam – I bought a Drift HD Ghost – not the S model as it cost twice as much. Sound is going to be an issue as the internal microphone in the cam is useless because of wind noise. I already have my helmet fitted with an n-com B5 Bluetooth communication device, and I’m not to… Read more →