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Nærsynede politikere

(This one is in Danish because the subject is our stupid nearsighted politicians rules about lane splitting and parking in the city) Politikerlede, et begreb alle politikere kender, men som ingen åbenbart formår at håndtere. Kom nu ind i kampen kære politikere, og gør noget ved den lede i skaber i befolkningen… Ville også være rart hvis de nogen gange… Read more →

Bikers prayer

I’m not really into religion, and I do not pray to invisible friends. On the other hand I do wish to be spared, and spare my loved ones, of loss and hurt. So I do hope all the below things turn out true for me and all who rides.   May your bike always start and run well without any… Read more →


Went out seeing some friends of on their tour to Spain. You can watch a video of that in the video section. On the way back the low fuel indicator came on – I thought that I could easily make it home, but 3 km from my home I ran out of fuel 🙁 Not my finest moment but luckily… Read more →

Wheelie on the Monster

Got a little impatient with traffic today. This in combination with me watching downshift83‘s wheelie videos yesterday made me (courageous enough to?) do a wheelie in front of my work place – good thing I didn’t tip over or anything embarrasing 😀 It wasn’t exactly my first wheelie, but the first time i really wanted to do it. Now I… Read more →