My riding gear

Each of us have our own definition on what is the appropriate gear for riding.

Your climate zone also has a lot to say on practical gear – heat, rain, cold weather, wind all play a part in what’s needed for a good ride. The fact that both being too cold or hot can be outright dangerous also plays a part in this.

Protection has always been important to me. Never ridden without helmet, gloves and a real motorcycle jacket. If you question whether this is right because of coldness or heat, then your gear is wrong, period.
I have from time to time compromised on motorcycle boots and pants – mainly because I did not have multiple boot and pants, and the fact that I might live on with mild road rash on these body parts.

Special is hearing protection – never ride for longer distances (more than 10 km) without them.
I didn’t use hearing protection on my long motorcycle travels back in the 80’s, and the result is tinnitus ūüôĀ

Under protection is also rain gear – if some of your normal gear isn’t water resistant, then some rain gear is needed. But mostly for longer rides, getting wet on short trips in the summertime is not a big deal. In the cold season (if you have those) rain gear can give extra protection from the cold as well!

Other stuff is ranging from nice to completely optional. I think of backpacks, camera, headset, sunglasses, GPS, phone and such.

On to the gear I use:


Nolan 104 Evo Black (flip-up and built in sunvisor)

Hearing protection:

‚ÄčAlpine Motosafe earplugs


Richa Traffic


Richa Heritage


Furygan Oil jeans
Ventour Blaze


Daytona Bandit

Rain gear:

Rev’it Nitric 2 H2O

Other stuff:

n-com B5 intercom for my helmet
Axio Swift Backpack
Google Pixel phone (doubles as a GPS)
Drift HD Ghost

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