Winter mo(o)ds 2016/17

What’s not to dislike about winter?

The whole winter concept is flawed – I want to ride, not hiding inside waiting for warmer weather…

The only thing making it bearable is the fact my bike is winter parked in my living room. That inspires me to look for mods for my bike for the next season.


Bar end mirrors:

I’m so tired of looking at my arms in the mirrors, so I have ordered some new bar end mirrors of ebay. I did not go for the cheapest option (10$), but paid 50$ for some with better finish and mounting (still cheap).

Tank bag:

Another thing I would like for the coming season is a small tank bag.

There are 4 SW-Motech bags that could do the job:

  • Engage (7 liter, 130€) – I like the fact that it’s small and really tight on the tank
  • Daypack ( 5-9 liter, 110€) – looks a little off not following the curve of the tank.
  • City (11-15 liter, 160€) – good alternative if the Engage is too small – but looks a little too big for my taste.
  • Trial (15-22 liter, 180€) – huge and would be cool for touring – however this is something I doubt will ever happen on my Monster.

I’m leaning towards the Engage. Against it is that it’s really small, and cannot expand if needed.
I’ll need to check if my rain gear, some electronics, and a bottle of water etc can fit in the Engage. If that is possible, then I might go for that.

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